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Business Water Procurement

Are you paying too much for your water services?

Water is a commodity that we all tend to take for granted, however, like most things there is a cost included and therefore, someone has to pay it. The question arises though, what parts do we pay for and how much?

The simple truth is that as the business owner at that allocated supply point identity number, it's you.  That will also be gauged by whether you have a water meter on the premises or if you are charged by rateable value. Rateable values, incidentally, that the government can charge by re-assessment at any time. This can affect many organisations, not just businesses, not for profit organisations, charities and religious institutions.

 Some of the not for profit organisations have an exemption on charges at the moment, some with 100%, some of 50%.

However, In the normal course of running your business, you will be charged for normal usage and waste with the added cost of the 'run off' from the roof, although sometimes this can be shared depending on the situation of the building.

Again there are different suppliers for the same water supply with many of the previous suppliers joining forces, amalgamating parts of their business or even just selling off their retail water estate. This has certainly been the case in England and Wales with the recent privatisation in April 2017.

However, as we have all experienced, I am sure that the bigger company is not always the best. Some indeed have decided to come after more of your utilities for example telecoms, electricity and gas. This is not always a benefit to the consumer, especially if the supplier is bought over in turn.

This becomes exasperating trying to recognize who is your telecoms supplier and who is your electricity supplier, when does your contract end? Too much, when you are trying to deal with the day to day stresses of running a business.

The preferred solution for many business answers is to allow Strathmartine Business Solutions to take care of the transfer of your utilities. You have enough to do running your business, think of us as an extra member of staff, who gets paid by someone else. All you have to do is make contact with us & we do all the rest.

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