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What Is Renewable Energy?

Any business owner knows that running costs are the prime source of cost to their business, before a profit can be made. Unfortunately, costs are continuing to to increase and with current legislation no changes are anticipated.

Usually, the biggest cost to any business is labour,if labour costs can be brought under control which can be a project on its own. In turn, it follows that the next priority is lighting and heating summarised as energy. There are many factors  that play their part in this area, for example; the age of the building, the position of the building, the heating equipment in the building, insulation or lack of, the layout of the building. There can be a seemingly endless list of different headaches depending on each particular site. 

As these areas are highlighted there can be many reasons for your building to be hard to keep warm in Autumn and Winter to a degree where it becomes a waste of time to attempt to heat the premises, but legislation dictates that we must have a minimum temperature for the staff to work in safely so we have to burn the energy.

At SBS we have the answer to energy cost reduction through renewable energy as we can supply and fit the following;

Solar Photovolactic PV 

LED lighting installation

Energy supply contracts comparison

Zero energy cost lighting

Far infrared heating

Voltage Optimisation

If we consider the likelyhood of a fall in energy prices, most people's instant response would be negative. Not even the most optimistic business owner would see an opportunity for prices to fall from the traditional source of the national grid. Therefore, as a business owner for you the only alternative to continual rising costs on an annual basis is to consider renewableenergy.

Fortunately,there are payment options and installation of the different types of renewable energy equipment, one of them being free solar panels. Why not get in touch to find out how to reduce your future energy costs?

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