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If you are a new start-up company or have had problems with excessive bills at peak trading hours and/or seasonal times of the year this may be of interest for you.

Accurate meter readings as opposed to estimates means that you only pay for what you use, therefore having a new smart meter means that you are up to date on your energy all the time.  No nasty shocks when you havent planned for it, no surprises.

Small businesses spending less than £10,000 per year including customers perceived as a poor credit risk for a variety of reasons, can now expect to get fairer prices when compared against the variable tariffs from the 'big six'.

SME's are often treated very unfairly by some energy suppliers who are only looking for clients with a great credit history and pay by direct debit.

There is also the option of quarterly billing and direct debit if you prefer but topping up online is easier and quicker.  There is also the advantage of emergency credit and friendly credit.

So if you are needing a better deal please get in touch.

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