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For far too long small business owners have been misled by unscrupulous companies and sale agents in the world of merchant services all the different rate and charges which are never explained.

There are many various charges that are rarely explained to the vendor or merchant. If not fully understood, these can have a very expensive effect on the profit from each transaction that the merchant completes. It is imperative therefore, that the merchant knows what he is paying for and how to avoid unnecessary costs.

We don't charge you for a consultation as we prefer you to be relaxed and confident that you have chosen the best consultancy available to advice you on your business needs at a commercially viable options.

As the UK economy ebbs and flows due to changes in the way we live we have to acknowledge that change is constant in business also. Like many other countries the economy is both customer and technologically driven. Indeed the one goes hand in hand with the other. Therefore, if any business wants to be on the Crest of the sales wave with repeat and new sales opportunities, they can't afford not to have a card reading machine.


If you have an internet based business it is essential, if you are a market trader it's a must. Some will argue against this trend saying ' ...theres a bank across the road's There might be at the moment or' my customers all know that I don't have a card reader they all bring cash', oh dear. So you don't have any new customers to grow your business bringing you additional sales?Then your business is in trouble my friend, as if you don't have what the customer wants they will go elsewhere. Many of the young generation don't carry cash, many of their parents are following the same mantra, "I always end up losing cash whereas my card is secure. So if I lose it I get a new one from the bank with emergency access to cash too." I also have internet banking as they keep closing branches and this is quicker too." "The banks are charging you for taking out your cash from machines, so it's more convenient for me to use a card that does everything. "


The main theme here for business owners is that consumers want convenience not delays or having to find change or the right money in shops or indeed to get handed a load of coins and notes to lose.

If you are a retailer and don't  have a card machine think of the inconvenience for you. You need to order change from the bank which they charge you for. Then you need to cash in your takings at the end of the week which the bank charges you for. So the bank wins both ways.


Now if you had a card machine it doesn't need change.....simple. So the bank can't charge you twice. So if you think about it by pleasing your customer more, you save money.

Also think of how many bank branches are closing. Think about how many regular young regular clients/ customers  ask to use a card? Then how many come back?

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