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Commercial Energy Procurement

In the first instance, we visit your premises and ask some relevant questions regarding your energy and how you are using it currently.  For example;

  • What kind of meter do you have?
  • Is it low or lighter profile?
  • Is it a smart meter that has been installed?

These are just some of the ways that we are able to find a better solution for your energy needs.

No doubt, your business will receive many phone calls and personal visits from companies that you may never have heard of. They will tell you that they can beat whatever offer you have recently received. In this situation, business owners have to be very cautious due to the fact that they can be trapped into a verbal contract over the phone. It is very often, only later, that the business owner realises that they have actually agreed to a binding contract.

At SBS we can show you comparisons tailored to your business usage. By highlighting where savings can be made through our comparisons, the client is able to see that we have searched the whole of the market and provided value for money.


As we illustrate the range of suppliers that are quoting a price for your business, you the business owner can then see for yourself the range of quotes from different suppliers. Here, you can pick from a different length of contracts one, two, three years.

These contracts are tailored to suit your business usage. From the initial portal comparison page, you are able to go through the individual quotes and view the unit rate and daily standing charges.

We have the contracts waiting for your completion and once signed we process on your behalf.  So your new supplier will then be in touch shortly with the relevant details and the transfer is completed by us on your behalf.

At this point, you are able to relax as you are being well looked after. You can also relax in the knowledge that you have been guided through the transfer maze. You have avoided the nightmare of not knowing if you have agreed to the best available contract for you. You can relax in the knowledge that random companies will become less persistent in calling you in regard to your utility contract.

In addition to this comfortable feeling, you can rely on us at Strathmartine Business Solutions to be in touch before the point of transfer at the end of the year for your new contract.

Overall, the advantages of using our services are all-encompassing and often not realised until later. By using the services of S.B.S you are removing all the stress, sleepless nights and time wasted searching through various suppliers who will be difficult to communicate with and won't get you a whole of market search. In addition, with a direct contact, personal service is not guaranteed and they don't know your premises, let alone visit.

Consider for a moment every working hour that you currently spend on your business. Are you able to take sufficient time to search the market, speak to suppliers, wait on them phoning you back, getting the same person that you spoke to? Are you able to dedicate a member of staff to that task and give you a piece of mind that is time and money & money well spent?

Or would you prefer to have someone who knows what they are doing and has all the right contact already in place to carry out that exercise for you? Plus we don't charge you a fee for our services, as we get paid from the suppliers

So for a cost-effective business decision that gives you, the consumer, a reliable, economic, time-saving solution, there should only be one answer, Strathmore Business Solutions, so why not gives a call or send us an email.

Also as an additional bonus, we offer a comparison of your home energy too. It doesn't get any better or simpler to save money on energy.

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