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Cost Reductions & Savings Consultants
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Cost Reductions & Savings Consultants

Providing Cost Saving Methods Across Tayside

We hope that you like it and find it a useful tool to help run your business as we would like to see you as a regular visitor.

You will find a range of services on the site all for the benefit of business owners large and small. We also pride ourselves on customer service and are delighted to have many loyal clients who trust us to remove the unnecessary stress of reducing and managing their costs.

As part of our ability to provide great customer service along with peace of mind, we have continued to grow our range of services to SME clients.   We can also navigate through Public Procurement with all that such an exercise entails in the modern market place. We can also provide this service to any location in the UK as the work can all be completed online.

With commercial Utility Procurement there are many hazards to avoid and overcome. To ensure our clients enjoy stability, consistency of supply, compliance and also attention to ever increasing cost control we keep you, the client, informed. This ensures our clients have confidence due to our transparency.

By completing a whole of market search we can highlight the most suitable contracts, terms, rates and market changes which can occur on a daily basis. There are also instances of suppliers entering the market who, although showing very keen rates, become unsustainable  and therefore collapse leaving their clients in a state of confusion and limbo. Using our years of industry experience and with advice from reputable suppliers and experts we manage to avoid theses pitfalls. In doing so consistently our clients are both informed and confident with our support.


At Strathmartine Business Solutions, we work closely with all sectors, enjoying excellent relationships allowing us to develop niche utility strategies directly tailored to their specific needs. As such, we are proud of our transparent approach to utilities and engage with customers to reduce their costs through efficient energy purchasing whilst maintaining compliance with government legislation by advising clients where required.

If your business is finding that the energy bills are rising dramatically in your enterprise, then maybe an energy audit would be the best place to start by producing a report exclusively for your premises. This very often finds the answers to where your premises are costing more than it should be. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing fridges for improved efficiency which you can record as a legitimate improvement for energy reduction and can be claimed on your tax return too.

Energy efficiency will have a major impact on your business costs.  For example, you change your lighting and install LED lighting and not think that the existing one will cost too much to replace.  This is a surprising money saver and can also change the ambience of bars and restaurants for the better. For example, an LED light bulb can last up to seven years.   If you have fifty to change think of the saving over the years.

In Manufacturing, naturally the business is energy intensive, therefore will always be a large overhead. However, working with the client we can soon determine the profile of energy usage which, in turn, allows us to see a better route to efficiency and consequently cost reduction in turn. This exercise alone can be the difference in helping businesses to survive in a difficult market place where margins are tight.

As part of the package our services include;

Energy Audits, Realtime Consumption Data, ESOS, Mandatory Carbon Reporting, ISO50001 Energy Management Certification, Climate Change Agreements (CCAs), Procurement Options tailored for the business, Voltage Optimisation.

Public Procurement;

This is a process used by government departments or agencies to purchase goods and services from the private sector.

At SBS we have access to industry specialists with many years of experience with EU Compliance and OJEU compliant tenders. Our experts can work in tandem with public sector bodies to be aware of challenges and opportunities related to your industry.

As an example: Compliance with all EU/Public Sector Procurement Legislation.

Formulating, understanding and agreeing energy buying objectives.

Market advice through access to dedicated trader account management.

Competitive tendering and a transparent supplier management process.

Support from experienced and knowledgeable energy procurement specialists that have direct experience working within the Private Sector.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Initiative.

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Water Procurement
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